Friends2support is a non-profitable organization providing access to blood donors registered with them. Founded on November 14th, 2005 ‘Friends2support’ claims to save 2 million lives till now. The organization has about 1,50,000 and increasing registered volunteers ready to donate blood with a willing heart and save lives of your loved ones.


Be it an automobile accident, a heart surgery or organ transplant, a burn victim or any other emergency ‘Friends2support’ is beside you! ‘Friends2support’ bring the voluntary blood donors and the needies on to a common platform. Just logon to, fill up the required fields and you get the contact number of the donors.

‘Friends2support’ was founded by five software engineers hailing from Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh with the vision to be the Hope of every Indian in search of a blood donor, although they now serve across 6 nations including Yemen.

With their hard work and dedicated spirits, ‘Friends2support’ have earned reorganization not only in India but has turned up to be an international Voluntary Blood Donor website. ‘Friends2support’ has begged “Award of Excellence – 2015”, “United Nations – World Summit Youth Award 2013”, “mBillionth South Asian Award – 2013” and was listed with Limca Book of Records consecutively from 2012 to 2015


That’s all about the facts. That’s how five software engineers came up for good cause for more than 1.252 billion people. But are 5 people with their 1,50,000 volunteers enough? Are you assured to get blood when you need it for your friend or family? Does no one die of blood unavailability?

India itself requires 5 Crore units of blood out of which only a tiny part of 80 Lakhs is available. Crores of people loose their lives either because they cannot afford the blood or because they can’t get a donor at the time of emergency. 1,50,000 have already registered with ‘Friends2support’ and now its your turn to prove yourself and make your precious blood  be helpful.

Let’s pledge to donate blood! Anybody who is between the age of 17-65 years and weighs 45 kg or more fall in the category of a good blood donor. Despite 356 million youths in India more than half of the donations are made by people above age of 45 years. Something Youth should take a note on!

Register yourself with this noble cause at and be a part of India’s largest Voluntary Blood Donor group.

Every drop of blood is precious, don’t waste it! DONATE IT. A pint of blood can save 3 lives. You are just a donation away to be the sun in someone’s life. Let’s light up the darkness in the corridors of Hospitals and Blood bank. Let’s make sure no one dies of blood scarcity. Try donating once and believe me… VAccha Lagta hai!

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